Semalt Tells Why Law Firm SEO Is Important 

The Law Firm industry benefits greatly from having an online presence. At Semalt, we recognize the unique needs of legal SEO, and we work tirelessly to generate website traffic and clients online. Here we will be showing you the fundamentals of Law firm SEO. 

Why do we think Law firm SEO is important?

You must agree with us that law firm SEO isn't something you see on most SEO websites. We at Semalt believe that most law firms' success depends on your ability to secure new clients and showcase your amazing services to your existing clients. This can be the differentiating factor to put you ahead of your competition, especially in a competitive market. 

What your law firm needs is a way to stand out from your competition. You need to find and set yourself in the perfect position to reel in clients who are searching for the services you offer. 

SEO is one way to go. It is one of the fastest ways to find new clients, especially as a small or medium-scale firm. 

SEO is designed to capture people who rely on search engine platforms like Google to find products, information, and services. As a law firm, SEO stands to benefit your organization when it comes to generating web traffic and attracting clients. 

What is law Firm SEO?

The term law firm SEO can be used interchangeably with legal or attorney SEO, so we mean the same thing when any of these terms are used. The practice of legal SEO increases your law firm's visibility in SERP. 

We use several SEO techniques to get your law firm's visibility and ranking to the top of your organic search results so you can attract more attractive prospective clients. As a lawyer, it is common to want to be the best, and being the best partly means obtaining the first page or, better still, first spot ranking in search engines. 

Without actively pursuing to optimize your website, it is impossible to make the first page on SERP, which is why we believe you need our services. With SEO, we introduce your website to various tactics that will help your website generate traffic, improve ranking, and convert inbound traffic. 

How Legal SEO Works

Google can be considered the primary search engine for many internet users. At one point or the other, almost everyone who has ever searched a query on the internet has used Google. In that same light, many have used Google for legal advice and to seek our legal services. 

By hiring Semalt, you put your website and law firm at the forefront, increasing your chances of getting found and converting visitors who need legal services. The law universe is filled with many high-sounding words. To a regular search engine user, these words and terms would come off as unfriendly, especially when your web content is written by your best lawyer and not a content writer. 

With our help, you essentially make your website easier to read and scan by Google's algorithm and internet users. Your content will make more sense and will get displayed in the search results. 

Our law firm SEO strategy uses a variety of tools, methods, and tactics to improve your SEO ranking. 

Some common practices we employ include: 
  • Keyword targeting and using the right keywords for content.
  • Optimize every aspect of your website so it can be discovered and easily indexed by search engine bots.
  • SEO and user-friendly content to generate and convert traffic.
  • Modify your website to become as mobile-friendly as possible.
  • Building high-quality backlinks. 
  • Generating positive reviews. 
  • Optimize your local SEO.
Because some legal SEO elements compound their benefits over time, we maintain a holistic and ongoing SEO strategy to sustain or increase your traffic. We will also do our best to keep your client pipeline full. 

Fundamentals of Law firm SEO

SEO keywords

Keywords are fundamental to defining your website's purpose and the type of information it carries. Discovering SEO keywords and using them appropriately in your URLs, topics, and around your website can determine whether or not your website will be a success. SEO keywords are the terms or phrases search engine users are likely to search for in the search column when looking for information regarding a specific item, or topic. When a keyword is used, web crawlers start sorting through websites pointing out similarities between what the user wants and what each website has until they finally decide. Keywords are arguably the best part of SEO, although it is not the only part.

Use title tags

This also has to do with using the right Keywords but in a different way. In a book, there is the main topic, and chapters that help divide the book into smaller bits. The topic and chapter are written in a different way that's easy to spot and understand. Title tags, images, header tags, and Meta descriptions are used to attract the reader's attention. This makes it easier for both web crawlers and visitors to understand the information a website carries. With so little attention span, using title tags helps readers quickly scroll through to see if your site has the information they need. If they come across a sub heading they find interesting, they quickly read its contents. Using image titles is also important as they help Google bots as well as third party app for disabled users understand an image. Considering the evolution of search engines today, having the right images and tags is a great way to improve your website's ranking.  

Having great content featured on your site 

If you plan on attracting more internet traffic than your competition, you must have better content. The quality of your content determines the level of importance it will have to internet users. Having terrible web content, means your target audience won't find your website helpful. As a law firm, you want your visitors to get legal counsel and convert from your content. Having content that causes them to turn away isn't a good look. Not only will you be wasting resources, but you will also appear unprofessional. Another reason why you must have quality content is because Google monitors the dwell time of users on your website. If the majority of your traffic leaves without spending quality time on your website, Google will see it as a signal that your website fails to satisfy user intent. 

Some other features of poor content are: 
  • Plagiarism 
  • Poor content structure 
  • Unprofessional content
  • Content that doesn't meet the need has been designed to meet 
  • Excessive use of keywords in a website
These are some of the reasons web content won't be considered 1st page worthy. 

Off-page SEO

Off page SEO refers to the execution of a website's advertisement, and marketing strategies. Off-page SEO comprises of ad placements, and social media campaigns and mentions that make other individuals want to check out your website. When done correctly, off-page SEO can increase web traffic significantly. Social media helps keep us up to date on the most recent news, latest gossips and to stay in touch without friends and families. It is safe to say that social media has become part of our daily lives. Social media has also proved a useful tool for online services. Today, most social media platform runs an ad program. Since we are almost always on social media, we can easily find these ads meaningful and visiting the site.  

Competition Analysis

This is one way of knowing the dos and don'ts in your industry. Competition analysis is an effective SEO strategy to help us figure out what your completion is doing to help their SEO efforts. Competition analysis also shows us gaps we can capitalize on to make your website better than your competition's. we can then improve your website using the information collected. Being better than your competition means more traffic to your site.  

Inbound links 

As a young website, no one will pay you any attention. Getting inbound link from an authoritative external source is one way of getting search engine bots to notice you. Links on the internet is similar to getting a recommendation or referral letter from a person of authority like the president of the US. Immediately that happens, you wouldn't need to fight as hard to get others to trust you. Having an authoritative website link to your website sends both search engine bot crawlers and user traffic to your website.


Semalt is dedicated to ensuring your law firm appears on the first page of SERP. This is our pleasure as we love to see businesses like yours grow and fufil the dream you've have for it. We start by offering several business packages that can accommodate your website, no matter the size of your startup. Our job is to get you the best website possible, and we are ready if you are. Head on and create an account, and let's take the first step into the future together.